About Us

Aianna focuses mainly on providing partners in the field of telecommunications with a business model to manage their businesses easily, efficiently and profitably.  Aianna strives to eliminate all the possible barriers and constraints that may occur when running a telecom business. Our products and services are specially designed to minimize our partners from financial, marketing or any other risks.  The process of becoming our Aianna partner is both simple and fast. There are practically no financial investments, no lengthy paperwork, no credit check and we do not impose prohibitively tough conditions.

As a part of our customer-centric business model, we provide our partners with comprehensive care including Personal Account Managers. The Account Managers assists our partners with all their questions, requests, inquiries and ensure they are satisfied with the quality of services provided.   Our Account Managers also expert in making suggestions on how to optimize profitability and efficiency.  Our Account Managers are fluent in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

Technical queries and issues are handled by our Support Team who resolves matters in a timely proficiency manner.   Our Support Team members are professionally trained, highly qualified in switching technology, VoIP, databases, call routing management, billing, IVR systems, networking and other fields of IT and telecommunications.   Besides trouble-shootings, Support Team offers advice and suggestions thus sharing their experience and expertise with Aianna’s partners.

Aianna is at the forefront of the VoIP industry with innovative applications, research, and development. One of our unique strengths is our pioneering work with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), an Internet Engineering Task Force standard that has been embraced by industry leaders such as Microsoft and the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which is a global cooperation between six organizational partners who are recognized as the world’s major standardization bodies from the United States, Europe, China, Japan and Korea.

Aianna is now offering our partners/ service providers the ability to private-label their full system in order to access millions of potential new customers themselves, with nominal expenditure.

Aianna’s consumer division, AiannaOne, provides award-winning VoIP products directly to end users and is one of the first service providers to offer PC-to-phone service as well as Broadband telephony.

Over 15 years of experience in retail Internet telephony gives us valuable insight into this telecom market to present to our customers.